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SharePoint Topology & Service distribution considerations

Topology differences with 2013

  • New Topology Model
  • Maximize performance for Users
  • Distributed Cache
  • Frontend Servers
  • Batch Processing Servers
  • Specialized workloads(if needed)
  • Database Servers
  • Traditional three-tier Model 
  • Frontend Servers 
  • Application Servers 
  • Database Servers

Remote Setup (Windows Essential VS Cisco Router)

We all would love to have connectivity to Home Network, being away still close to home network. Best way to connect to work or home is secure VPN connectivity.

There are multiple way to setup connectivity to your Home Network. (Hardware based / Software based). More...

Setting up SharePoint environment with best practice - Step by step

After working with SharePoint for multiple year and work on multiple areas for SharePoint.

Decided to build Home Lab Again, SharePoint Environment with best practices and decided to put in here so everyone can benefit from this, this going to very long post with multiple pages to it.

Following post readings inspired me to write this post. More...

Hardware – Min Vs Recommended.

Administrator or developer we all need Home lab, I never seen companies smart enough to provide you free hand setup for your learning.

regardless of any virtual software you need you need to consider what is min Hardware is good for your home lab.

This post is specific to SharePoint Home Lab. More...